IsraelUnderAttack program shows a counter that times the gap between attacks, resetting itself when a rocket is fired. When an attack takes place, the map shows — in real time — where the rocket was fired from in Gaza, its trajectory, and the general area where it is expected to land. Like Red Alert: Israel, the mobile audio alert that lists the general area where a rocket is headed, the Israel Under Attack map shows approximately what location was targeted, without giving away the exact location in order not to give terrorists intelligence on how accurate or inaccurate their aim is. Because of these security considerations.

Hamas rockets don’t have GPS or any satellite uplink, so we had to be a bit creative. We use mathematical formulas to determine its location based on factors like the time it was launched. We get a notification of a launch within a second and then calculate approximately how long it will take for it to reach its target. Our predictions might be a second or two seconds off, but it’s very accurate. The data is loaded onto a Google map and displayed in real time on the site.

Samuel Lespes Cardillo

Samuel Lespes Cardillo


Farid el Nasire

The application was bought in October 2014.

IsraelUnderAttack was taken offline by the buyer early 2015 in order to protect the confidentiality of the algorithm.

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